Wednesday, April 10, 2013

News Flash! Update on used products~!

Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream *All Day Strong*-Amazon (Got mine from Korea, cheaper there, but in America they're-) -$58 each (I have 3)
"They're Real" Mascara from Benefit- #1 Sephora Seller- ($10-$23) Small-Large
Aeropostale "Cherry lip gloss"- (Aeropostale) -$2-6
Clinique High Lengths Mascara (Optional)- $19 (Sephora)
Regular Drugstore Brush- ??? (Can find in any drug store)
Revlon's "Extra Curl Lash Curler"- $5.29 (Drugstore) 
NYC High Definition Liquid Eyeliner (In place of the old Sephora pencil one)- CVS, $5
"Watt's Up"Benefit-Sephora- $36
Elf Underye Concealer & Highlighter- $3
CoverGirl + Olay Concealer Balm- CVS $12

New total: $275.29
Even more than before... SAD
Anyway, my birthday was last week, and this weeks my party!
Going to the mall, eating, watching a movie, then having a sleepover. Whoopee :)
Alot of my friends said they're getting me sephora gift cards. TIME TO GET SPENDINGGGG YAY

That's all for today! Bye bye :)

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