Monday, July 22, 2013


Ya I know it's not Tuesday yet, and for my followers who follow me on instagram you know what's coming...

What I USED to look like vs. what I look like now!!!!

Yes my pic has a filter but no editing. So don't hate!

I swear that was me in 3rd grade and this is me in 8th grade. #whocutmyhair lol....

Yes this is a pic of me today. And yes I filtered and photoshopped my blemishes out because I honestly usually look like this and barely have break outs. Durrrr
This is all me now. Except for the one taken today none of them are edited, just filtered.


Yes and this is me in 4th grade:

See my name? I swear I will go into hiding if this gets out anywhere... but you know, I already put it out. #yolo

Ughhh that's so old

Believe it or not this selfie was at the beginning of 6th grade. I swear if my mom takes me to that terrible hair salon again I will take a knife to my back. Because I specifically requested to have my hair COMPLETELY CHOPPED OFF LIKE A GUYS

and this is what that woman said:
"Honey, you'd look so ugly with that haircut!"
I was like, woman I tell you how to cut my hair, I pay you, and we both walk away happy.
But....she cut my hair not guys, but not even a girls.
I smiled for the sake of a pic.
I haven't cut my hair since and I'm so glad. It's past my chest now and I am loving it~
I basically had to cut it because my sister said I looked terrible with long hair....
WHICH I DISAGREE because although I'm NOT very pretty
I look WORSE with short hair.
End of entry.
I will upload a vid soon. YAY I CAUGHT UP NOW.

Another day at the beach...

I'm getting closer to my final goal of #catchinguptothisweek!!

God I told you I need a diamond tiara in heaven if I finish this today... I hope so!!!

Not many photos, sun was too hot. Got burned, sunscreen irritated my skin so I broke out like crazy. Yes that is right I got pimples like crazy. I am going to burn that sunscreen as soon as I can show my face to the world. Ughhhhh. It's still there and I'm currently icing it while posting photos. I hate having so sensitive skin that I can't even use sensitive skin products unless they are perfectly natural.......

few photos.

Yes, I wore the same bathing suit because my other ones met up with a bit of a....mishap, let's call it??

Got caught by my BFF reading Interstellar Pig on the way home. Good read and awkward leg position?

After affects:
Burnt Face
Got a nice tan
I now hate my skin even more
Why do I break out from sensitive skin sunscreen

K bye. Icing my face again. Regular pimples have appeared just as the irritable ones are disappearing. OTL

Beach with my friends~

God I SWEAR I'm updating so late. This is like 3 weeks late but my friends and I went to the beach!

God if I ever catch up to today's date worth of posts I deserve a tiara in heaven.\

Wore my nordstrom sunglasses from my birthday!

It was my fellow youtuber JessyYee8321's birthday to the beach <3
My boo Caroline <3 also my ex-girlfriend Jessica's husband.... lol awkward #longstoryguysaskmelater

After swimming a bit I found it so refreshing~ as you can see in this pic there are like no people at the beach!!!! Win win <3 not telling you which beach because 1. that would give away where I live and 2. I want to keep this beach to myself because I'm selfish <3333

My view while I was tanning. It was the perfect day- hot but not too hot, with giant waves...but no wind!!!

My glamorous tanning..... I look so much better in the second photo and no I did not get a sunglasses tan I just wore them for that second to see the camera screen and accidently took a photo. LOL you can see my hand throught the sunglasses because it's so reflective~

Tanning like a burb~~~

What is a burb? I don't even know. #lifehasmanyquestions I think I just made that word up on the spot. Steal and give me credits!

And eww my skin. Got burned on my face later.

Clearly... you can tell I did not pluck my eyebrows before I took this photo.

The crew <3 right hereeeee

So happy with my bikini body <3 the work from gymnastics totally paid off for that day...



I got super tan. WHAT. Or maybe it was the angle it was taken at, but I tanned for like... only 30 minutes. The rest of the time I was shopping on the boardwalk or in the water. This is really strange...

Well then, see you next time!!!!

Schools Out~

Holy, I haven't updated in like 2 months.
this post will be like 1 month old.

Ok it's supposed to be on the last day of school...

But summer happened...

and... you know the rest of the story.

So my outift of the last day of school was....

Yes, I know... soooo tumblrrrrr

Anyway, our school allowed us to just basically 'skip' class and go to any class we wanted as long as we were in a class...I skipped a few classes like math and english.

4th period is science and this is what I see....

A COUPLES WHITEBOARD from the COUPLES of this year!!!!!

I tried to take a nice picture and this was the best one since I couldn't back up too much... then my friend PHOTOBOMBED. God...
I'm not going to post it because I don't know if he'd appreciate being on my blog? But use your imagination.....

My friend took a nice picture of me doing a split during gym class because we totally ditched it....
Great photo... but what you DIDN'T see was the moments before the photo was taken. FML lol.

Yes, I banged my knee really hard trying to take this picture. LOLLLL
My boo and me <3 although that was my bad side for the camera still love this girl <3 her youtube channel is a makeup one just like mine! JessyYee8321! Go subscribe <333333
Last photo for this entry and then PEACE I'M OUT

I'll try to upload a video I've been editing later! TOODLESSSS

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Hey guys, Luvvy here. Today's post will be about...



I was inspired to make this post... by myself... forever alone. No jk but seriously. I pierced my second piercings on my ears today.... by myself. Woohoo!!!

I pierced it with a needle and this was taken directly after I pierced it, so its very hard to see.... but look closely!!!
After this experience, I DO NOT recommend piercing your ears at home...just terrible... it hurts sooo much. There's three popping noises as you insert the needle through your ear... and before it comes out the back is the worst part. It hurts so bad.
You can pierce it by yourself by taking a needle, a soft, piercable object like a wine cork or something, a silver or gold earring, an ice pack or a numbing gel, and alcohol. 
You take the alcohol and set the needle in it for minimum 10 seconds, and while that's going on you can wash your hands~
Then take the alcohol and a cotton swab and clean your ear.
Take a pen and draw a dot where you want your ear hole to be...
Then take the needle and slowly stick it through your ear. Don't freak out if there are popping noises....... then take it out from the cork at the back of your ear and slide it through. Take your earring and slide it through, then take earring solution or salt water to clean it everyday. Make sure to twist them.
I might just get it re-done at a professional... its swelling up like crazy.

Monday, June 17, 2013

New Video is up: DIY: Tinted Moisturizer

New video guys- finally! This video will be live at!!!!! Go check it out- I'll update as soon as it gets uploaded!!! Also, since this is my first DIY, I am going to do a room tour soon~ so keep watch of what's coming up next- also a what's in my purse will be up as well. WATCH WATCH WATCH or I will MAKE YOU! JKJK. And for those of you who don't know, I call myself Luvvy in the video, well, that's because 'sandxluv' 'luv' luvvy- get it? My real name's Kim :D But that's for later. Go watch the video if  you need a tinted moisturizer, but can't afford it/only use a special skincare product/for any other reason. Bye bye for nowww11%

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Going out to meet a friend~

Hey guys!!! So today my friend from Holland who I haven't seen for a year came to America for a short while... I missed her so freaking much, you don't understand I was like crying the whole day. So this was my outfit when I went to see her:

Yes, I camwhored alot....
We ate at Winberie's with a couple other of our friends and we went to Red Mango for a healthy dessert afterwards. At Winberie's I had a Chicken Marsala with Mushrooms, cucumbers, lemons, and mashed potatoes. Yummy! I didn't camwhore there... I didn't turn on my phone because my friends and I were so busy laughing at jokes, but we did take pictures on the way home, I'll upload one at the end. I started doing switch leaps across the road and I felt like I was out of my body and watching myself do these was like a deja vu as well. That was weird. Anyway, we arrived at my friend's house and we used iPads, iPhones, androids, etc for fun and we recreated each other on Hair Salon 2. I swear you should try it it actually kills time. Anyway, here's an after the fact picture (Guntor!!!)

Yessss I look totally beat. I was like on a sugar rush today, that's why. Anyway, here's some photos with her. She's really short...and her feet are like a size 2. BTW her face is so small I think I might photo shop my shapeless ugly face to vaguely match hers wth. Why are Netherlands people faces so petite.

I have no idea why its upside down... I can't change it its normal on my computer though lol

Friday, June 14, 2013

Warm and Cool Skin Tones

Do you have a warm skin tone? A cool skin tone? Neutral? How can you tell? You can tell by seeing if you have a pinkish undertone or a yellowish. Pinkish is a cool, and yellowish is warm. Still can't tell? Well, here are some clues to seeing if you're either- if you have majority of warm toned but some cool, that doesn't make you half! It's what you have the majority of ;D

On cool toned people:                                 Neutral:                     On warm toned people:
You burn instead of tan           You look good in everything...        You tan very easily
You're very pale                                                                            Darker skin color
You can see your veins as blue                                                      Veins are greenish
Pink or rosy undertone                                                                  Golden or apricot undertone
Silver makes you glow                                                                   Gold makes look alive

If you're Asian like me- most likely you'll be a warm toned person. If you are a ginger, most likely you'll be a cool. Here's some tips for the cool people- silver will make you light up the room. In contrast to gold- it'll look like you just put something normal on. Silver- ba-bam! You light up the whole room, and you look like a beauty queen. Try to stick to blue, or even green. A dark emerald, royal or icy blue, rosy pink, silver plums, and just plain white will make you light up the whole room. If you wear a dark emerald dress to prom, you can try putting on a plum eyeshadow and silver accessories. You'll be the Prom Queen of the night! The wrong colors can make the fittest and healthiest people look sickly.

Now for my warm toned friends, here's some straight on facts- you'll look super healthy and alive with gold on. Vibrant, and beautiful. My friends, many times, who are both warm and cool colors, paired their clothes COMPLETELY wrong. I took my friend, who had everything in cool toned colors although she was warm toned, and completely flipped her style around- and the next day people asked her what face products she used XD (not sure how that works though...) anyway, that was a side story. You look best in earthy colors- toss those royal blues, pinks, silvers, and plums into your others bin, and put the following colors in your favorite outfits closet! Wear many oranges, mocha browns, golds, bronzes, peaches, cremes, ivory, earthy green, brick red, etc. Mostly, as you can see, yellow based colors. If you read the cool section and didn't jump down here, if you wear an article of clothing in a mocha brown, do bronze makeup with silver accessories and you can be a Homecoming queen!!!! Take my advice- my friend looked like she had some sort of disease for years until she found her right colors- she looked like the prettiest girl alive after that.

Now, if you can't tell- you either can find out at any makeup counter at Macy's, Neiman Marcus, etc. They will tell you if you're warm or cool- and if they tell you you're neutral- you're a lucky person, because guess what? You've been dressing right all along! You look good in any color- I'm soooo jealous right now. You can wear a rosy pink and look just as gorgeous as if you wear a bronze! You look beautiful in both silver AND gold- don't put any clothes in the don't wear pile! You don't look sickly in any clothing color (unless you are sick that day) and if you are sickly- any color with help brighten you up! You can wear bright pink lipstick to red- beautiful all around. Pair everything and anything- and you'll look beautiful- you're bound to be the next Miss USA.

Good luck everyone! Here's a goodbye from your warm toned friend!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pore strips~

I made a brief video around 2 months ago about... PORE STRIPS!!! More specifically, BIORE PORE STRIPS!!!! Here is me rocking one last night....
BTW my hair is NOT greasy here. It's just the lighting. Don't be like 'your hair is greasy ching chong' ok? One I'm Korean two I'm not Chinese...haha lol little rant but if any of you were wondering how I did my bunny ear thing with my froggy bandanna (lol froggies) I just lay is and cross it into a triangle...roll it up... then holding it in place, put it under my hair to my forehead and tie it tightly into the bunny style, then push it up to my hair. Anyway, I was wearing glasses here because this was right before I was going to sleep...meaning all my makeups off here... and so you can see my blemishes.... jk I photoshopped them out. Anyway, I took off my glasses, but I was wearing this Biore strip (not sponsored, this is what I really feel) after a Dead sea mud mask. (I'll post how those work later) Anyway, I pasted it on my nose....Waited 10 minutes... and taking both edges, slowly worked it off. (for the full effect, watch the strip from either side and watch dem blackheads come off.... as Michelle Phan and Xiaxue would say, it's...oddly satisfying to see all dem blackheads on that strip- makes you think of three weeks worth of buildup coming all off in 10 minutes. These strips may be a little pricey, so as a upcoming makeup youtuber, I obviously don't have my own solution.... But thank you Michelle Phan for being the best person ever and coming up with how to make your own strips out of regular household items! Go watch~
That's all for today... Two posts! Anyway, this post was uploaded because I felt like I only gave a brief review of them, when they deserve SO MUCH MORE!!!! (I was on a rush... you know how it is when you are in a show.)

NYC Eyeshadow Trio= Equivalent to Revlon Coffee Quad

Today's makeup issssss

I love this eyeshadow! I don't know why- I thought my tastes were a little more expensive. I always loved Sephora eyeshadows, but this time this eyeshadow is- no, not from Revlon, not Maybelline, not Covergirl, not even Rimmel!
New York Color!
I know what you're thinking.... say what? This girl says NYC? This color, central park plums, is amazing. My sister recently desperately tried to find a replacement color for the Coffee Eyeshadow quad that Revlon had discontinued. I, out of my own interests, wanted to help for some strange reason to find an equivalent. She'd tried almost every eyeshadow in drugstore brand and many in the more expensive department. Even if it was her color, it'd be too shimmery, not the right texture, or even not the right color.
This is the closest I could find. As you guys might've noticed, I used this trio in the $20 makeup challenge video I'd posted. Here's a picture of the trio itself

As you can probably tell, I did not follow the palette's initial use. The palette called for The brown as an all over  the lid, the maroon as a crease color, and the pink as a highlighter. I used the maroon for all over my eyes and the brown for my waterline. And I used the pink for a light highlighting over tone, like expected. For those of you who don't know which quad I'm talking about from Revlon, here it is:

It's the 3rd one of the quad. The copperish one. Although my eyeshadow LOOKS 10x darker, since it's NYC it comes up lighter and it isn't as pigmented... I myself have never tried the eyeshadow my sister looks for, but she said my eyeshadow was 'not quite' but that was the first one, and she didn't say, 'not at all.' And it was the first one she grabbed from my room and tried. When she puts it on its a real pretty color though...Anyway, that was today's makeup....Maybe I'll start doing OOTD's. Today I wore a black lace shirt over a white cami and high waisted beige shorts with a dark belt over it... as well as leaving my hair loose, the usual makeup, and 2 inch camel brown wedges from Franco Sarto. (don't buy them...) anyway, try the NYC quad called Central Park Plums, if you're looking for a Coffee Bean replacement from Revlon!