Monday, July 22, 2013

Another day at the beach...

I'm getting closer to my final goal of #catchinguptothisweek!!

God I told you I need a diamond tiara in heaven if I finish this today... I hope so!!!

Not many photos, sun was too hot. Got burned, sunscreen irritated my skin so I broke out like crazy. Yes that is right I got pimples like crazy. I am going to burn that sunscreen as soon as I can show my face to the world. Ughhhhh. It's still there and I'm currently icing it while posting photos. I hate having so sensitive skin that I can't even use sensitive skin products unless they are perfectly natural.......

few photos.

Yes, I wore the same bathing suit because my other ones met up with a bit of a....mishap, let's call it??

Got caught by my BFF reading Interstellar Pig on the way home. Good read and awkward leg position?

After affects:
Burnt Face
Got a nice tan
I now hate my skin even more
Why do I break out from sensitive skin sunscreen

K bye. Icing my face again. Regular pimples have appeared just as the irritable ones are disappearing. OTL

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