Monday, July 22, 2013

Beach with my friends~

God I SWEAR I'm updating so late. This is like 3 weeks late but my friends and I went to the beach!

God if I ever catch up to today's date worth of posts I deserve a tiara in heaven.\

Wore my nordstrom sunglasses from my birthday!

It was my fellow youtuber JessyYee8321's birthday to the beach <3
My boo Caroline <3 also my ex-girlfriend Jessica's husband.... lol awkward #longstoryguysaskmelater

After swimming a bit I found it so refreshing~ as you can see in this pic there are like no people at the beach!!!! Win win <3 not telling you which beach because 1. that would give away where I live and 2. I want to keep this beach to myself because I'm selfish <3333

My view while I was tanning. It was the perfect day- hot but not too hot, with giant waves...but no wind!!!

My glamorous tanning..... I look so much better in the second photo and no I did not get a sunglasses tan I just wore them for that second to see the camera screen and accidently took a photo. LOL you can see my hand throught the sunglasses because it's so reflective~

Tanning like a burb~~~

What is a burb? I don't even know. #lifehasmanyquestions I think I just made that word up on the spot. Steal and give me credits!

And eww my skin. Got burned on my face later.

Clearly... you can tell I did not pluck my eyebrows before I took this photo.

The crew <3 right hereeeee

So happy with my bikini body <3 the work from gymnastics totally paid off for that day...



I got super tan. WHAT. Or maybe it was the angle it was taken at, but I tanned for like... only 30 minutes. The rest of the time I was shopping on the boardwalk or in the water. This is really strange...

Well then, see you next time!!!!

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