Monday, July 22, 2013


Ya I know it's not Tuesday yet, and for my followers who follow me on instagram you know what's coming...

What I USED to look like vs. what I look like now!!!!

Yes my pic has a filter but no editing. So don't hate!

I swear that was me in 3rd grade and this is me in 8th grade. #whocutmyhair lol....

Yes this is a pic of me today. And yes I filtered and photoshopped my blemishes out because I honestly usually look like this and barely have break outs. Durrrr
This is all me now. Except for the one taken today none of them are edited, just filtered.


Yes and this is me in 4th grade:

See my name? I swear I will go into hiding if this gets out anywhere... but you know, I already put it out. #yolo

Ughhh that's so old

Believe it or not this selfie was at the beginning of 6th grade. I swear if my mom takes me to that terrible hair salon again I will take a knife to my back. Because I specifically requested to have my hair COMPLETELY CHOPPED OFF LIKE A GUYS

and this is what that woman said:
"Honey, you'd look so ugly with that haircut!"
I was like, woman I tell you how to cut my hair, I pay you, and we both walk away happy.
But....she cut my hair not guys, but not even a girls.
I smiled for the sake of a pic.
I haven't cut my hair since and I'm so glad. It's past my chest now and I am loving it~
I basically had to cut it because my sister said I looked terrible with long hair....
WHICH I DISAGREE because although I'm NOT very pretty
I look WORSE with short hair.
End of entry.
I will upload a vid soon. YAY I CAUGHT UP NOW.

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