Wednesday, June 12, 2013

NYC Eyeshadow Trio= Equivalent to Revlon Coffee Quad

Today's makeup issssss

I love this eyeshadow! I don't know why- I thought my tastes were a little more expensive. I always loved Sephora eyeshadows, but this time this eyeshadow is- no, not from Revlon, not Maybelline, not Covergirl, not even Rimmel!
New York Color!
I know what you're thinking.... say what? This girl says NYC? This color, central park plums, is amazing. My sister recently desperately tried to find a replacement color for the Coffee Eyeshadow quad that Revlon had discontinued. I, out of my own interests, wanted to help for some strange reason to find an equivalent. She'd tried almost every eyeshadow in drugstore brand and many in the more expensive department. Even if it was her color, it'd be too shimmery, not the right texture, or even not the right color.
This is the closest I could find. As you guys might've noticed, I used this trio in the $20 makeup challenge video I'd posted. Here's a picture of the trio itself

As you can probably tell, I did not follow the palette's initial use. The palette called for The brown as an all over  the lid, the maroon as a crease color, and the pink as a highlighter. I used the maroon for all over my eyes and the brown for my waterline. And I used the pink for a light highlighting over tone, like expected. For those of you who don't know which quad I'm talking about from Revlon, here it is:

It's the 3rd one of the quad. The copperish one. Although my eyeshadow LOOKS 10x darker, since it's NYC it comes up lighter and it isn't as pigmented... I myself have never tried the eyeshadow my sister looks for, but she said my eyeshadow was 'not quite' but that was the first one, and she didn't say, 'not at all.' And it was the first one she grabbed from my room and tried. When she puts it on its a real pretty color though...Anyway, that was today's makeup....Maybe I'll start doing OOTD's. Today I wore a black lace shirt over a white cami and high waisted beige shorts with a dark belt over it... as well as leaving my hair loose, the usual makeup, and 2 inch camel brown wedges from Franco Sarto. (don't buy them...) anyway, try the NYC quad called Central Park Plums, if you're looking for a Coffee Bean replacement from Revlon!

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