Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pore strips~

I made a brief video around 2 months ago about... PORE STRIPS!!! More specifically, BIORE PORE STRIPS!!!! Here is me rocking one last night....
BTW my hair is NOT greasy here. It's just the lighting. Don't be like 'your hair is greasy ching chong' ok? One I'm Korean two I'm not Chinese...haha lol little rant but if any of you were wondering how I did my bunny ear thing with my froggy bandanna (lol froggies) I just lay is and cross it into a triangle...roll it up... then holding it in place, put it under my hair to my forehead and tie it tightly into the bunny style, then push it up to my hair. Anyway, I was wearing glasses here because this was right before I was going to sleep...meaning all my makeups off here... and so you can see my blemishes.... jk I photoshopped them out. Anyway, I took off my glasses, but I was wearing this Biore strip (not sponsored, this is what I really feel) after a Dead sea mud mask. (I'll post how those work later) Anyway, I pasted it on my nose....Waited 10 minutes... and taking both edges, slowly worked it off. (for the full effect, watch the strip from either side and watch dem blackheads come off.... as Michelle Phan and Xiaxue would say, it's...oddly satisfying to see all dem blackheads on that strip- makes you think of three weeks worth of buildup coming all off in 10 minutes. These strips may be a little pricey, so as a upcoming makeup youtuber, I obviously don't have my own solution.... But thank you Michelle Phan for being the best person ever and coming up with how to make your own strips out of regular household items! Go watch~
That's all for today... Two posts! Anyway, this post was uploaded because I felt like I only gave a brief review of them, when they deserve SO MUCH MORE!!!! (I was on a rush... you know how it is when you are in a show.)

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