Friday, June 14, 2013

Warm and Cool Skin Tones

Do you have a warm skin tone? A cool skin tone? Neutral? How can you tell? You can tell by seeing if you have a pinkish undertone or a yellowish. Pinkish is a cool, and yellowish is warm. Still can't tell? Well, here are some clues to seeing if you're either- if you have majority of warm toned but some cool, that doesn't make you half! It's what you have the majority of ;D

On cool toned people:                                 Neutral:                     On warm toned people:
You burn instead of tan           You look good in everything...        You tan very easily
You're very pale                                                                            Darker skin color
You can see your veins as blue                                                      Veins are greenish
Pink or rosy undertone                                                                  Golden or apricot undertone
Silver makes you glow                                                                   Gold makes look alive

If you're Asian like me- most likely you'll be a warm toned person. If you are a ginger, most likely you'll be a cool. Here's some tips for the cool people- silver will make you light up the room. In contrast to gold- it'll look like you just put something normal on. Silver- ba-bam! You light up the whole room, and you look like a beauty queen. Try to stick to blue, or even green. A dark emerald, royal or icy blue, rosy pink, silver plums, and just plain white will make you light up the whole room. If you wear a dark emerald dress to prom, you can try putting on a plum eyeshadow and silver accessories. You'll be the Prom Queen of the night! The wrong colors can make the fittest and healthiest people look sickly.

Now for my warm toned friends, here's some straight on facts- you'll look super healthy and alive with gold on. Vibrant, and beautiful. My friends, many times, who are both warm and cool colors, paired their clothes COMPLETELY wrong. I took my friend, who had everything in cool toned colors although she was warm toned, and completely flipped her style around- and the next day people asked her what face products she used XD (not sure how that works though...) anyway, that was a side story. You look best in earthy colors- toss those royal blues, pinks, silvers, and plums into your others bin, and put the following colors in your favorite outfits closet! Wear many oranges, mocha browns, golds, bronzes, peaches, cremes, ivory, earthy green, brick red, etc. Mostly, as you can see, yellow based colors. If you read the cool section and didn't jump down here, if you wear an article of clothing in a mocha brown, do bronze makeup with silver accessories and you can be a Homecoming queen!!!! Take my advice- my friend looked like she had some sort of disease for years until she found her right colors- she looked like the prettiest girl alive after that.

Now, if you can't tell- you either can find out at any makeup counter at Macy's, Neiman Marcus, etc. They will tell you if you're warm or cool- and if they tell you you're neutral- you're a lucky person, because guess what? You've been dressing right all along! You look good in any color- I'm soooo jealous right now. You can wear a rosy pink and look just as gorgeous as if you wear a bronze! You look beautiful in both silver AND gold- don't put any clothes in the don't wear pile! You don't look sickly in any clothing color (unless you are sick that day) and if you are sickly- any color with help brighten you up! You can wear bright pink lipstick to red- beautiful all around. Pair everything and anything- and you'll look beautiful- you're bound to be the next Miss USA.

Good luck everyone! Here's a goodbye from your warm toned friend!

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